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Based in London, PEC Grounds Maintenance is your premier partner for comprehensive commercial grounds maintenance solutions.

Our specialized services are tailored to meet the exacting standards of large commercial properties, ensuring immaculate outdoor spaces year-round.

At PEC, we boast a team of highly skilled professionals equipped with cutting-edge tools and equipment to deliver superior results with every project. Whether it’s routine lawn mowing, precise hedge trimming, thorough weed control, or meticulous tree pruning, we have the expertise and dedication to exceed your expectations.

Navigating the unique challenges of maintaining grounds in a bustling metropolis like London is our expertise. We recognize the importance of efficiency and reliability in our services, which is why we prioritize prompt and consistent delivery to keep your outdoor areas looking their best at all times.

When you choose PEC Grounds Maintenance, you’re choosing a partner committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. Experience the difference of working with a trusted name in commercial grounds maintenance in London. Contact us today to discuss your needs and discover how we can elevate the appearance and functionality of your outdoor spaces.

We are your premier partner for comprehensive commercial grounds upkeep solutions.

With a steadfast commitment to professionalism and a dedication to excellence, we specialize in maintaining car parks, commercial grounds, and green spaces to the highest standards.

Our expert maintenance teams deliver a range of services including grass cutting, hedge trimming, weed control, and tree pruning, ensuring that your outdoor areas remain pristine and inviting.

We also work with local authorities, collaborating to preserve the natural beauty of public spaces. At PEC, we prioritise reliability and efficiency, providing a professional service experience tailored to meet your specific needs.

Contact us today to discover how we can elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor spaces with our expert grounds maintenance services.

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What is Grounds Maintenance?

Commercial grounds maintenance involves a comprehensive range of professional services dedicated to managing and caring for outdoor spaces in various commercial settings. This includes tasks like mowing lawns, trimming hedges, planting flowers, removing snow, and maintaining irrigation systems. The goal is to ensure that outdoor areas are well-kept, safe, and visually appealing for employees, visitors, or customers.

Beyond aesthetics, commercial grounds maintenance aims to create safe, functional environments. Regular maintenance mitigates safety hazards like overgrown vegetation and damaged infrastructure, reducing liabilities. Additionally, it preserves outdoor assets, minimizing costly repairs.


Environmental sustainability is another key aspect. Efficient water management and eco-friendly landscaping techniques conserve resources, promote biodiversity, and reduce the carbon footprint of maintenance activities.

Employee satisfaction and productivity are also enhanced by well-maintained outdoor spaces. Access to green areas has been linked to reduced stress levels, improved mental health, and increased job satisfaction.

In essence, commercial grounds maintenance is integral to property management, offering benefits that extend to safety, sustainability, and employee well-being. By investing in these services, businesses not only create positive first impressions but also demonstrate their commitment to excellence and environmental stewardship.

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